Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, 1978–83

MoMA, 2017

Club 57 was a countercultural hub located in the basement of a Polish church at 57 St. Marks Place where artists, musicians, performers, and curators met to exchange ideas, party, and show new work. The exhibition presents the artists’ accomplishments across a range of disciplines. Inspired by the club’s cheaply made xerox flyers, we designed an identity system with large, graphic typography, and a neon title wall. 

Type Directors Club, 2017

Curated by Ron Magliozzi, Caratorial Assistant: Sophie Cavoulacos; Creative Direction: Ingrid Chou; Designers: Damien Saatdjian & Eva Bochem-Shur; Production: Claire Corey, Paulette Giguere; Typeface: Customized MoMA Sans

— Ad Campaign
— Ephemera 
© Eva Bochem-Shur